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College Ignorance

Originally posted Septermber 12, 2007.

Technically Boston University is the second college I have attended.  On campus, the amount of ignorance is amazing.  I’ll admit the world can be rather depressing.  There is not much you can really do about that.  Even still college students are NOT informed.  Yes the people that will soon be taking charge of the world are not informed, nor do they try to be.

I am on a communications floor of a primarily freshman dorm.  Being a communications floor means all of the students are majoring in journalism, film, TV, broadcasting, radio, or advertising.  Despite this, when I walk into a dorm room the TV isn’t turned on to watch news but instead a soap opera or to play video games like Guitar Hero.  The newspapers that are only just beginning to come into rooms are not because the students want information but because they need them for class.  The people that will soon be delivering news to the world don’t even care about the news now.  That is encouraging.

I also attended UMass Dartmouth.  In the political science class I took I learned something else.  I was 16 at the time and I could not vote.  Yet I was more informed and politically active than the 50 other students sitting in that room with me.  When it came to discussions, three of us talked.  When it came to the group debates, I could prove points better than the people who had researched the topics and I didn’t even have any prior preparation.

As most people realize, when you turn 18 in the US you can vote.  That is a huge responsibility.  When I turned 18 that was the first thing I did as a legal adult.  I have many friends that turned 18 before me and to this day have not even registered to vote!  The new adults of society are under informed and apathetic to the politics and current events of their country and world.

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