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Electoral College:Outdated?

Originally posted on September 27, 2007.

Is the electoral college outdated?  Most definitely.

The electoral college, as many people realize, is the members of congress and they vote on the President.  In every state except Maine and Nebraska it is a winner takes all situation, meaning as soon as a person receives over 50 percent of a state’s votes, they win all the Electoral College representative votes.  The electoral college was designed so the representatives could change the popular vote if they disagreed with what the people picked.  This was done because so many people were uneducated and thus uninformed.

So why are we still using this method?  I don’t know.  It does give Congress more power but it makes the average person feel like their vote is less important in a winner take all system.  I live in a state that almost always votes Democrat, so for years my parents have thrown away their votes to lesser parties that have no chance in hopes that they may eventually be able to get more funding because they got a percentage of the popular vote.

The government can’t claim that Americans are still uneducated.  Everybody gets through at least most of high school.  Overall we have a much higher education level then the citizens of 200 years ago did.  And I doubt it is that we are under-informed, especially by the standards of 200 years ago.  Not only do we have televised debates and ads, we have the radio and the Internet.  The radio may not be huge but the Internet gives us fast access to all the information we could ever want and MORE.

Yes the electoral college is outdated.  Yet there is no mass movement by the people to regain a power that is rightfully there.  Elections can be changed at a politicians whim or the true popular vote president may not be voted in because they didn’t win any votes even though they had 45% or 49% of the votes in a state.  Shouldn’t Americans be able to vote for their President?

This is a repost of my post.


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