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Is technology encouraging people to separate themselves from rest of the world?

Originally posted September 12, 2007

When you look around just about everywhere in Boston has signs for iPods.  Every single sign features a person alone dancing with bright attractive colors and an iPod.  Although advertising this way is smart because it attracts a person’s eyes and the iPod stands out, it brings up a better question:  Is technology encouraging people to separate themselves from rest of the world?

Overall I would say yes.  Walking down the hall of the average college building you see people either on their cell phones or with ear buds from their iPods or other MP3 players in their ears.  At LEAST half the people you see walking around are using one of these devices.  Everybody is so self absorbed that people don’t talk to each other.   iPods and other MP3 players are like a wall blocking out the rest of the world.  The music blocks out any distractions or things in the rest of the world that you just don’t want to deal with.  But at the same time the wire and ear buds builds a wall to the rest of the world.  People won’t interupt you while you are listening to music, just like they won’t interupt your phone conversation.  Others do not want to be rude and assume that people want to be left alone.  In essence the music you are listening to is allow you to “rock out” but you are by yourself.  One would think that an iPod or MP3 player was to attract to people because it’s a status symbol but in fact it is putting up an invisible barrier.

When the BlackBerry network went down earlier this year, people were upset by their lack of information.  People kept checking their BlackBerrys to see if they could get information.  People commented that they were still checking their BlackBerrys every few minutes even though they knew their was no network to connect to.  Checking a BlackBerry every few minutes helps people avoid uncomfortable conversation while it also gives them a status symbol.  People are conciously using technology to avoid personal conversation yet the rest of the world thinks that these people are so great!

 20 years ago people would walk down the road to their friend’s house to make plans.  Now with the internet, a cell phone, and text messaging you don’t have to see a person to make plans or talk.  All you have to do is send a message.  As these new mediums become more popular, people have begun using texting, voice mail, and e-mails to end their relationships.  Relationships represent closeness and good communication yet people are avoiding talking to a person that they once had close bonds with.

You could argue that web cams are allowing you to talk to people and see them.  This is true and a great idea when you are across the country from friends and family.  But when you live a quarter mile down the road or worse in the same building, you are just keeping yourself separated from the rest of the world.

Everyone is guilty of using technology at one time or another to push people away, even if they do not do it intentionally.  People use technology in their everyday life.  Although technology has its advantages, overuse or abuse will cause people to live separated lives from the rest of the world.  Interpersonal communication has become more rare as people become more involved in their technology.  If people do not try to keep a personal connection, the world will soon be filled with technology bubbles that keep people in their own disconnected world.

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  1. i agree.

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  2. * Joe Ortega says:

    Wow. I really liked reading this and I agree the every one is becomeing self absorbed . I enjoyed reading your blog

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  3. * sara says:

    I agree.It s really amazing .thx.

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    I like it

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    i like it&thanks it helped me to do ma assignment

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    this helped but fuck you

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  8. * Tex says:

    “She” movie anyone?

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