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Americans want less gun bans

October 11, 2007 

According to NRANEWS.COM, a Gallup poll says that only 30% of the American public believes handguns should be banned.  NRANEWS.COM also said that the number of people in favor of more gun control laws has dropped from 70% to 50%.

I think this is great news, especially if the numbers keep falling.  I’m a smallbore rifle shooter and I support the second amendment.  I think it is great that Americans are becoming more pro gun.  Unfortunately, main stream media does not like to show a pro gun view point.

I’m glad Americans are starting to realize that criminals aren’t going to listen to a handgun ban.  Almost everywhere that has gun bans has also had a genocide during the ban.  In just the 20th century, over 55 million people were killed during gun bans in different countries that included (but are not limited to) the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, and Cambodia.

We don’t need more gun control in the US.  We need to enforce the laws.  When people have guns, criminals don’t want to attack for the fear that they will get shot and killed.  Criminals want to pick on the weak, not the strong people that can fight back.


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  1. * politicaltravis says:

    Great! Good news to hear that America may be coming to it’s senses and shunning the unreasonable fear of law-abiding citizen’s practicing their constitutional right to own a weapon.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Jessica Mondillo says:

    I know. The new poll gives me hope that we may have encountered a trend that will result in people not having worry about gun bans whether it be a handgun, a shotgun, or a rifle. I know 30% is still a lot to favor a gun ban but I am really hoping that Americans will continue this trend and realize that gun aren’t dangerous in the hands of law abiding citizens. After all, a firearm is only a weapon when a criminal uses it with ill intent.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago

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