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Ron Paul:People are now paying attention to him

October 29, 2007

On the front page of WordPress I just saw something very exciting!  GOP leaders and the media are starting to take Ron Paul very seriously.  I am glad.  Some people have probably never heard of Ron Paul.  He is a Republican running for president.

He may not be well known, but he is good at raising money.  He currently has about $5 million to spend on his campaign.  Personally, I would love the US in the hands of Ron Paul for the next four or, even better, eight years.

I first heard of Ron Paul, out at the national matches in July at Camp Perry, Ohio.  I was shocked since many businesses will not publicly support a candidate for fear of controversy, especially so early in a race.  But I was reading his brochure and web site.

Not only is he for reducing the government size (which will save US tax payers money), he is pro gun.  No matter what they say, Giuliani and Romney will never be truly pro gun.

I’m glad someone is finally noticing that Ron Paul may not be a wealthy candidate, but he has a lot of support from AMERICAN CITIZENS.  Just remember when you go out and vote, you’re not throwing your vote away by trying to elect Ron Paul.  You do have a say (no matter what you think) and Ron Paul may be the change we have been looking for in America.

By the way the article I first saw was at:


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