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Ron Paul: $4 million in one day? Who says Americans don’t support him?

07 November 2007

Ron Paul may have low numbers in the polls but somebody is obviously supporting.  According to CNN Political Ticker, he raised over $4 million dollars on Monday.  Yes I said $4,000,000 dollars.  An outside group started the online campaign and received donations from over 35,000 people in 24 hours.

Ron Paul is not doing too poorly this quarter, especially when you consider that he raised $5 million in his entire third quarter. 

The creator of this fund-raising campaign centered it on Guy Fawkes Day, a holiday marking an attempted bombing of the House of Parliament by Fawkes in 1605.  The creator said that the message was not intended to promote violence.  I think the creator was trying to be symbolic saying that Ron Paul would be a major change in the government.

Ron Paul supports a limited government, low taxes free trade policies, the Second Amendment and a United States free of outside organizations that threaten national sovereignty.

Everyone keeps saying they’d be throwing their vote away on Ron Paul even though they do support his ideas.  Just remember if everyone threw their vote away who supported him, there’s a pretty good chance that he would be our next president.

If you want to know more about Ron Paul, his WebSite is:


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