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September 11th. We’ve already forgotten.

07 November 2007

I realized that somepeople had forgotten about September 11th.  I was shocked when I saw how many had forgotten.  In a lecture yesterday the speaker was asking for a show of hands on how many people read newspapers and had them at home and received a response from more than half the class.  When she asked how many people remember the planes flying into the World Trade Center on 9-11, I was one of ten hands that went up.  That’s under 5% of the people in the room remembered 9-11.

I can remember almost every detail of September 11th and, like everyone else in that lecture, I was in 7th grade (12 years old) at the time.  I know a tragedy of that magnitude is something a young child can easily forget, but 12 or 13 isn’t that young.

I swore on September 11th that I would never forget the sight of the planes hitting those towers, and I haven’t.  I don’t know why it’s not replayed everyday, maybe it would hurt American morale, but at the same time it would remind people why we are in Afghanistan.

September 11th was the largest attack on American CIVILIANS on American SOIL but the patriotism that followed was short lived.  After Pearl Harbor the surge of patriotism was overwhelming.  Men wanted to fight to protect America, woman worked in factories and the entire country supported it for several years.  In most cases the flags after 9-11 didn’t stay up a year.

Terrorism is still a very real threat and people forget that.  By forgetting 9-11 or pretending it never happened America is making itself vulnerable for another shocking attack.  More than 3,000 civilians died that day, that should have woken up a sleeping monster of support but it didn’t.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the towers collapse every time I turned on the news as a reminder that there is a reason we are in Afghanistan (a rarely mentioned topic) and why we are there.  I’d rather see that everyday than live in a disillusionment that there is no threat from terrorist and that everyone in the world loves America.


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  1. * Jeff Benka says:

    My wife & I are from NY, we moved to Florida almost 2 years ago. My wife worked at the twin towers (Brown & Wood, now known as Sidley) she was there when the bomb went off in 93, she worked on the 57th floor and it still knocked her out of her seat. It took 4 hours before I would hear from her, thank god she was o.k. On 9/11 she was heading to work but at the last moment decided to stop off at the midtown office. We lost a few friends that day and will never forget what happened nor do I let anyone forget. To this day my wife & I cannot read nor watch anything about 9/11 without tears building up. Believe me you are not alone in remembering those poor souls who only wanted to scratch out a living.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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