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You’ve tried 3 times, Cheney will not be impeached

07 November 2007 

Democrat representative from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich has now tried and failed 3 times to impeach Cheney.  I’m not sure what crimes he is saying Cheney committed and would love to know if anyone could tell me.  This comes not long after Bush claims Congress is getting nothing done.

And do you want to know how this bill to debate Cheney’s impeachment was killed?  Republicans started voting for it, so Democrats began voting against it because it would look foolish if the bill passed and they were debating Cheney’s impeachment.

An ABC/Washington Post poll from Oct 29 to Nov 1 gives Congress an overall approval rating of 28%.  This is as low as President Bush and shows that the 2006 election that promised reform, thus far has not achieved reform.

Bush is saying that Congress has yet to pass a budget for the country.  That is a huge deal since that is a major portion of Congress’s job, decide how much money can be spent on what.

I don’t care what side you are on but nothing is getting done.  Congress is spending days debating over if Cheney should be impeached.  At the same time when they passed S-CHIP, Bush wouldn’t sign it.  Basically, neither side is getting work done because they are too busy criticizing and disapproving of the other.  I’d look forward to 2008 as a year of little success between Congress and the President.


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