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Ron Paul ’08:The people’s choice.

08 November 2007

According to CNN Political Ticker, not only has Ron Paul move up in the standings to second place, he is winning debates.  When you look at his policies it is not surprising why.

Ron Paul is what people would consider an ideological candidate.  He wants quick withdrawal from Iraq that would take 2 to 3 months as opposed to figures by the Democrats that said it would take until 2013 (6 YEARS).  He wants to stabilize the economy and reduce government over spending.

It is expected that Ron Paul will come in a respectable place in the primaries if nothing changes.  A slip up by Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, or Mitt Romney could potential raise Paul’s standings.

Personally I hope they do.  Change for America is what he is offering and that’s why he is getting so much support.  People are unhappy with politics as usual.  Ron Paul is getting his money from the people not from companies.

Ron Paul is a huge movement not because he is targeting people with TV ads (or at least not yet) but because he has supporters making their own signs and putting them up in businesses, on street corner, at rallies and on overpasses.  This is how politics should be, focused on the people.  Politics isn’t for the betterment of companies, hitting you through mass communication but it should be personal and that’s what Ron Paul’s campaign is.  Personal.

Ron Paul has big campaign goals and maybe he won’t be able to achieve all of them.  But success in just half his goals would revolutionize America. 

For the full CNN article go to:


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