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$2.9 Billion Bond Project, Slow Down Gov. Deval Patrick

November 30, 2007

So Deval Patrick has this great $2.9 billion dollar plan to spend money to fix road to fix the MBTA to improve airports.  At least the funding isn’t going to come from taxes.  It’s coming from the casinos that will be getting built.

Now it doesn’t say when exactly these projects are going to start but has anybody seen a flaw yet?  I’m not even sure we know where the casino is being built just that it will be in south eastern Massachusetts.  So say the casino starts getting built tomorrow.  It will most likely take at least a year to build.

I want to know why the immediate concern is fixing the T and the commuter rail lines in Boston with money that we don’t know what date we will start getting or even that we will get $2.9 billion right away to do these projects.

That and is the MBTA, which already has debt problems, the biggest problem that Massachusetts has?  I don’t think so.  I’d rather have the state put casino money into more local police, firefighters and teachers.  These 3 groups of public workers, especially teachers, are underpaid.  The raises that teachers of many school districts get do not even cover the increase of cost of living.  Wouldn’t funding our schools be better, so children get a good education?

Massachusetts shouldn’t be spending $2.9 billion dollars on a projected income that won’t start coming in for at least a year.  Deval Patrick has some high hopes and great project ideas but he should not plan to spend $2.9 billion that he doesn’t have.  I’ll admit some of the project ideas are great but we have much more important things that need fixing or money than a train system which can’t even collect its fees.


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