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Restroom Access in all Buildings in Massachusetts.

15 December 2007

Massachusetts is trying to pass a law that requires restroom access to all people who have medical conditions such as colitis, Crohn’s Disease or a pregnancy.  There is also a variation of the law that would be for any person who needs a bathroom.  This is a great law for costumers, but not as good for business owners.

One thing I am not sure about with the law is how do you prove that you have these diseases that give you immediate bathroom access?  Pregnancy, in the later months is obvious, but other intestinal diseases are not.  Would people then be required to carry a card from their doctor saying “I have ______, an intestinal disease which may require a bathroom at any time.”

Many smaller stores do not have bathrooms.  Being in an old or rented building, it may not always be possible to add a bathroom.  This would force businesses to close and a hardworking, honest small business owner to close their livelihood down because they cannot meet a requirement for a business that is not possible in their business location.

My parents owned a restaurant in Assonet MA that was seasonal and tried to put a restroom in.  They could NOT do this because the town would not allow a restroom because the restaurant was located too close to a river.  My parents would have loved to add the bathroom but couldn’t. 

This law is unfair to preexisting business owners who cannot put a bathroom into the building.  If regulations become increasingly difficult for small businesses to comply with, many of them will be forced to close.  If this happens not only will many small business owners not be able to keep their business open, but unemployment rates will go up.

This poses a series of bigger questions.  How many regulations can a small business survive?  Also, if everything is regulated how can society be free?  If the government keeps restricting businesses, how can entrepreneurs maintain a living without working for someone else?


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  1. * David says:

    The purpose of the law is to help those with true medical conditions that can not hold it. I have suffered from this for years and have been turned away from establishments that DID have restrooms but chose not to allow me to use them.

    In the case of your parents who did not have a restroom, the best they could do is help the person find the closest facilty. This law would not shut down establishments that could not accomodate. The current law proposed in Wyoming is a mistaminor of $100. That’s if they were caught and prosecuted. If they store owners who truly did not have restrooms would just use common sence and help the customer find a facility, there would not be a issue.

    I have been in facilities that DID have restrooms but would not let the public use them and I ended up in humiliating experiences. I have decided to drop my pants and shit in the isle next time !! This will open there eyes to the urgency. It’s not a case of “just hold it” I can not. I have tried every thing under the sun to help. I can not hold it ! It would be a God send to have access when i truly need it.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
    • * Jay says:

      mistaminor? Note to self, if the small old place doesnt have a toilet, eat elsewhere. It’s a misdemeanor genius.

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 3 months ago

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