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A 6 year old’s Drawing with a Deep Meaning about Guns

06 February 2008

Bad%20PeopleI saw this drawing by a six year old on a Student for Concealed Carry website.  Although there are some spelling errors and the child who drew it obviously came from an anti-gun family (or is making a highly profound comment on society), I think it shows something even more important.

The child indicates that he believes that only bad people need guns.  He also shows what happens to good people who do not have guns.  They die when they are confronted by a criminal like a carjacker.

This child subconsciously demonstrated that without the protection of firearms a bad person can kill good people while they commit a crime.  This is similar to what is happening in England and Australia where criminals are using guns more frequently in crime even though guns have been banned and law abiding citizens have turned in their guns.

If you do not see the image, go to this page.  It is at the top of the site.  You can’t miss it.  It reads “ONLY BAD PEOPLE NEED GUNS!!!”


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