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Maryland Wants Walking to be their Official Exercise

06 February 2008

I found an article in the newspaper that talks about Maryland wanting to make walking their official exercise and that this is the second time they have tried to do this.  The first time in 2003 the governor vetoed the move.

I want to know why states feel the need to come up with official birds, songs, exercises, food and other such items or activities.  I personally do not know if Maryland has voted on every other bill that has gone through senate and they now have free time but I would assume that like Massachusetts and the federal government they have plenty of more important things they could be doing.

I also want to know why Maryland should be the state that has walking as their official exercise.  Are they the only state that has people that walk?  Or do they just do it more there than other places?  I happen to remember Boston was one of the top walking cities in the country, maybe Boston should make walking their official exercise.

Honestly, I don’t think the residents of Maryland care if walking is their official exercise.  If they want to walk, they will walk.  If they want to exercise some other way, I am very sure they will exercise in that manner.  If this is a measure trying to encourage healthy exercises like walking, I really don’t think it is going to do much.

Personally I am confident that the residents of Maryland think that their lawmakers have more important than picking the states official exercise.  If you are from Maryland and disagree with me, please let me know and tell me why you believe this is the most important thing your lawmakers can do at the current time.

Now I want to go out on an even bigger limb, I think any state that is naming official birds or exercises is wasting time and money.  Why should these state employees, paid by you and me, worry about official slogans and exercises when they could be figuring out how to improve education, roads, balancing the budget, taxes or other general laws that would improve the lives of the citizens that they represent?

Our lawmakers are wasting time and money on unimportant matters.  It is time people step up and tell them that they want the important issues resolved before worrying about things like the official exercise.


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