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SCCC Empty Holster Protest Leaves Me Feeling Singled Out

06 February 2008

I only joined Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) within the last month, mostly due to procrastination, not because I have any doubts about the validity of the group or worthiness of the cause.

Now the University of Cincinnati chapter of SCCC has a page on their website that links to a file listing all the people who have agree to participate in the nation-wide Spring 2008 Empty Holster Protest (EHP) and that will be updated as more people agree to go.

So far the number of definite participants is 1545 almost triple the number that actually participated in the Fall of 07.  There is also still a lot of time for recruitment since the protest is not until the week of April 21st to 25th.

When I was going through the list of participants, I was at spot 241 (not that it reflects the order people signed up to attend).  I used the find function in excel to see just how many people from Boston University agreed to take part in the protest so far. 

There were 2 including me.  Considering between students and staff BU has approximately 40,000 people on campus every day that leaves me feeling single out.  The chances of me even seeing Anthony Simone, the other BU student participating in the protest, is slim to none.

I know Anthony and I, whoever he may be, are not the only Republican inclined students at BU, so I have the slightest glimmer of hope that more BU students will participate in the EHP or that they just don’t know about it and the SCCC yet.

But right now, I really do feel like one out of many and not in a good way.  I already felt apart from most of the students at BU, now I feel really alone.  After all, of 40,000 people, right now, I only know the name (I don’t even know the actual person) of one person who feels as strongly as I do about concealed carry that he is willing to stand up and support the protest.


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