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Super Tuesday Article on the Political Candidates is a Waste of Space

05 February 2008

In honor of Super Tuesday Boston University decided to put in a full page article in the school newspaper, the Daily Free Press, outlining the positions of the top 3 or 4 candidates in each party.

In one sense this is a great help outlining issues and creating informed voters.  But at the same time it only helps people who registered to vote in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since the majority of the students at BU come from other states it is fair to assume that a large portion of the students are registered to vote in other states.  This means that they must have filled out an absentee ballot to vote and thus voted a week or more ago so that they filled out the ballot and had it returned in time to be counted.

It also does not help any “early bird” students who are registered to vote in Boston since the Daily Free Press usually does not come out until 10 or 11 in the morning.

I think the Free Press wasted space by waiting until the last second to run this article.  If the article was published a week ago students would have been able to read the information and consider why they should or should not support a candidate and still have time to vote in the election even if they were using an absentee ballot.

Boston NOW was another paper who ran information about candidates stances today.  Since Boston NOW does not just target college students but includes an audience consisting of Boston residents, it does help promote understanding issues even if it does not allow for much time to decide who is a better candidate.

Newspapers printing information on political candidates, especially college campuses, are wasting time and ink.  As important as it is for voters to be informed, the information needs to be timely.  On a college campus where students need to mail in their absentee ballots a week prior to election day, an article outlining candidates stances needs to be earlier enough that students can read it before casting their ballot, not after.


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