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President Bush Backs McCain and Comments on the Election

11 February 2008

Yesterday President Bush told Fox News Sundaythat he supports McCain and feels like McCain is a “true conservative.”

I am sure Bush had good intentions but if anything he may have just hurt McCain in the eyes of many independents who are undecided about who to vote for.  I am not trying to speak negatively about the President and regardless of whether you support him or not you have to realize that he has low approval ratings.  Maybe he hasn’t noticed this or the fact that many people blame him for the war and feel he lied.

By endorsing McCain, Bush may make people believe that by electing McCain they will get four more years without change and with a war that they despise.  So instead of helping McCain, I honestly believe Bush’s support will hurt him.

I also feel that if the President decides to back you and call you a “true conservative” there is obviously a question of how conservative you really are.  Personally, I have not followed McCain’s career very closely but I do know that some of the bills he has voted for make me question how conservative he really is.

But one thing President Bush said I have to say I mostly agree with.  He said, “If the Democrat party feels like they can win an election by focusing on me, I think they’ll be making a huge tactical mistake.”

I can understand Democrats bringing up Bush’s shortcomings, which many people on both sides of the fence agree with.  By saying that they will behave differently from him will most likely gain them support.  This is the same for the Republicans as well.

I do believe that in a race where you do not have the President or Vice President running, it is foolish to focus ONLY on their policies and shortcomings.  As much as a candidate wants to offer change, they need to remember that they are not running against Bush but instead a variety of other people who may also disagree with Bush.


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