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AOL lists 11 Ways to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life

14 February 2008

I would like to start by noting that the list of ways to extend your cell phone battery life is not my original ideas, but come from this article.  But all ideas and opinions following each item are in fact my own opinion.

1.) Turn your cell phone off
Personally, this is impractical.  If you need your phone for work and you do not use it with your family, you can shut it off after work, no problem.  For the average college kid, you can’t shut your cell phone off.  Although it saves battery life, if an emergency occurs many schools including mine contact you via phone call or text message.  Since most people’s only phone is their cell phone, that is how they would be contacted at any time of the day if there is an emergency.  You also have to stay connected to your family which shouldn’t be much of a problem if you call them, but if they call you because of a death and your phone isn’t on, that could be a problem.  Also, many college students use their phone as a planner and alarm clock making it impractical to shut their phone off EVER.

2.) Avoid playing games, watching video or scrolling through pictures
I thought this was obvious.  Your phone is not a video game console or camera.  And for watching videos (and in many case pictures) why do you want to look at a small screen on which the details are microscopic or non-existent?  I can understand using the phone for texting (which I am sure must drain battery life) but it is one of the features that is phone specific.

3.) Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth
I didn’t know this was an option but it makes sense that it will reduce your battery power.  But especially a feature like Bluetooth that allows wireless handsets, can’t always be shut off.  It makes driving safer or is they only way you can even use your cell phone while driving in states like New York and Connecticut.

4.) Turn off vibrate
I never thought about this, but to make a phone vibrate as long as it does, it would drain battery life.  I personally wouldn’t do this because it relates back to college’s emergency alert systems.  If something is going to happen on campus, it will most likely be during class.  If you don’t know that you got a text that an emergency happened in the school and you are not to leave the room, there was no point sending you that text because you might as well have never received it.

5.) Avoid flash photography
Once again a phone is not a camera.  If you want to take quality pictures use a camera with a flash and zoom and other great features.

6.) Turn down screen brightness
I didn’t know you could do this.  It is actually a useful feature.  According to the article it will make it easier to see my screen outside so this is a very beneficial tip.

7.) Download your emails manually
A phone is not a computer.  Your emails should be able to wait until you are at a computer.  If they can’t, maybe people should be calling you with the emergency, not emailing.  And also, why do you need your phone to check your email like every 20 seconds?

8.) Charge your battery properly
This is important.  All phones come with instructions on how to charge your battery.  It is a good idea to follow them but some batteries lose about 20% of it’s battery life every year just from use so eventually, you are going to have to either buy a new battery or a new phone.

9.) Watch exposure to extreme temperatures
So I shouldn’t drop my battery or phone into a volcano?  I’m sorry that’s all it made me think.  Apparently if you want use your battery for a long time it is better to leave it in the fridge as long as you warm it to room temperature before using.  You also shouldn’t drop it in boiling water, set it on an oven or make it extremely hot in any other way.  They actually said you may not want to carry your cell phone in extreme hot weather which is something to consider (and hey college kids, you really don’t need your phone much over the summer).

10.) Clean your battery contacts
This makes sense.  All batteries corrode, cleaning them makes the world good.

11.) Don’t search for a signal in bad reception areas
Although a good idea not always possible.  If you are on a trip (i.e. a business trip) you may need your phone.  Or if you live in a bad reception area and you use your cell phone as your primary phone you may need your phone.

In a lot of ways I feel these tips are only helpful to certain people.  It all depends on your situation and how you use your phone.


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