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Make the Most of College Visits: Talk to REAL Students!

27 February 2008

FACT: High school students go on college visits.

FACT: They usually have a tour guide to tell them all the great qualities of the school.

FACT: Most students on college visits never talk to the current students of the college.

FACT: I went on one college visit, it didn’t effect my decision now was it extremely helpful.

I walk down Commonwealth Ave everyday and at least once a week I see a group of parents and high school students with a tour guide. As important as it is to listen to your guide, I have yet to see even one of those students talk to the college students.

Honestly, the most important thing you can do on a college visit is talk to the students. No college is going to introduce you to a student who hates the school or the curriculum. That would be detrimental on the sale of their product—4 years at their fine institution.

Although not every college student is friendly, a lot of us would love to talk to you. There are two reasons for this: either we love the school so much that we think everyone should come here or (the more likely reason) we think you should know the truth about our school. Just because a college student does not approach you, does not mean they do not want to talk to you.

I did talk to students when I came to visit BU. They loved the school. Unfortunately I did not find someone from my school (COM) to give me their opinion until afterwards.

Now the tour guides and students will tell you how much they love the school. For BU, specifically they tell you about the great dorms they have. I promise you if the dorm they show you is a pretty brownstone on Bay State Road, you are seeing one of the best dorms in the school, not the “typical” dorm like they claim.

They will tell you how many concerts the school has for free through BU Central and how many people go there. Honestly very few people go there, nor are the band names always as big as they claim. I have yet to see a poster for one “mainstream” band. Granted Agganis Arena has tons of concerts, all of which you have to pay for.

My advice for high school students visiting colleges: Don’t trust the tour guides and the people they want you to meet. Walk up to a few students on the street and ask their opinion. Try to find someone majoring in the same thing you are and find out more about your specific major instead of a general student so you can find out about the classes you will be taking.

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