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101 Dalmatians Being Re-Released Makes me Nostalgic

03 March 2008

Everyone has something that reminds them of childhood. Mine come in the form of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (the animated version).

I’m thrilled that the two disc platinum edition is coming out tomorrow. After finding out about it through a TV commercial, I became very excited and asked my parents to get it for me for Easter.

In a way it is funny that I can still get this excited about a Disney movie. I very rarely watch them any more, yet for some reason the older ones still excite me.

Maybe it’s because I am reminded of simpler days when everything was fun, there was little work to do and every time was play time.

The only thing that scares me about this new edition is if they made any changes. I watched parts of The Lion King in my 12th grade English class. Being the new version they had added scenes and songs that, at least in my mind, killed the movie. Even though I remember the plotline, I lost track of the story pretty quickly because the new scenes did not make sense to me.

I’m hoping the platinum edition of 101 Dalmatians has no alterations. To me that changes the movie from being re-released to being remade. That’s how I saw the new version of The Lion King. Although it had old scenes, it was remade for a younger audience by adding new scenes and for me was not one of the childhood movies I watched.

I can’t wait to watch 101 Dalmatians on DVD. Hopefully they didn’t change it or I will be sad. 😦

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