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How do People Have MORE TIME in College?

03 March 2008

Before I came to college I would always hear about how much more time you have in college than in high school. I would like to contradict that statement.

If you have more time in college, it may be because you have fewer classes and do no extra curricular activities including working.

I go to BU, which has a four class system. I have class for 16 hours a week. Yes, this is less than when I was in high school and had approximately 35 hours of class a week (including lunch time and passing periods). But I also have a lot more down time where very little can actually get done. If you have a 15 minute or half an hour break by the time you find someplace to sit and get your books out to do work, you have to pack them up. In reality, it is sometimes the same with an hour break as well. If you have to walk a mile to your next class, you kill most of your half hour walking to class.

In addition to my 16 hours of class (which increases as you become an upper classman), I have 10 hours of work per week. For extra curricular activities (which in reality are a lot like specialists or electives in high school or middle school), I work with the TV station and participate in the shows for 6-7 hours a week. This does not include homework time, which often includes more work in less time.

I really wish I knew where this claim that you have more time in college comes from. I can’t see it coming from commuting colleges, because you need to consider travel time into your day. Maybe I had a lot of down time in high school, but from my observations I had been fairly active.

Personally, if a person is even remotely active at their college AND attends classes, they have less time than they did in high school. I know I do.

For people in college can you please tell me if you feel you have more or less time than you did in high school and why?

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