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Credentialed Teachers are not Necessary for a Good Education

11 March 2008

In California home schooling is being threatened due to a law saying that a credentialed teacher must teach home schooled students. The Supreme Court of California will be looking into the case after the appeal court ruled against the families. According to a AOL article, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will fight the courts ruling in favor of parents’ rights.

Now personally I don’t understand what parents’ rights actually are or where they are guaranteed. I think this might fall under one of the rights that people assume they have, when really they don’t (i.e. right to privacy).

But honestly, I believe that it does not matter if a parent is “credentialed” to home school their children. I know two families who have home schooled all of their children.

One of the families has four daughters. Part of their method of teaching was to join a group of home schooled students so that the girls would meet people their age and also learn from other people who may be more knowledgeable than the mother was. They go on hands on field trips at least once a month, but usually more often than that, in which they learn more on subjects like history and biology in a few hours than I learned in a few months. The oldest daughter spent her last two years of “high school” taking classes at the local community college and graduated the top in her class before going to Northeastern. The second oldest daughter has a tutor for Spanish but her mother teaches her most of her other subjects.

Both families have been highly successful home schooling their children, and all of their older children have proven to be upstanding members of society, even without credentialed instructors for all of their classes.

My parents and I considered home schooling me as well. In a way I wish I had been because it allows a personal relationship between instructor and student and also allows for a more focused education. My favorite subjects have always been math, science and history. If I had been home schooled I would have been able to focus on those subjects and been able to go on many hands on “field trips” to national parks and museums—where I learned the majority of my history and science anyway.

I don’t think a credentialed teacher is any benefit or requirement for a home schooled child. By using the many resources available to home schooling families, children can get as good, if not BETTER, education being home schooled without a credentialed teacher than being in a classroom with at least one credentialed teacher.

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