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So Breaking the Law is OK if it Benefits you?

26 March 2008

Back about a month ago on my post about dealer plates, a gentleman named Jim said “i’m a dealer and use my dealer tag on all of my cars, i dont see why you’re making a big deal out of it. think of something that would benefit you in some way.

 According to Jim’s logic, anything that benefits a person should be legal.   Meaning, if someone stole a car from his dealership, he should not be able to press charges against that person because it benefits that person to steal the car.  Also according to this logic, nothing should be illegal.  After all, a criminal only commits a crime because it benefits him or her in some way.

I would also like to comment that it doesn’t make sense to me when Jim says think about something that would benefit you in some way.  There are a lot of things that would benefit me.

I am going to be commuting to and from Boston next year by myself, possibly even during the nighttime.  It would benefit me to be able to carry a handgun for self defense just in case something happens.  But I’m not 21 and thus do not have a concealed carry permit.  According to Jim,  I can carry that handgun because it benefits me even though it is against the law.

It would also benefit me if I had $200,000 to pay for my college.  If I robbed a bank to get the $200,000 according to Jim I have not broken the law because it benefited me.

If I am driving and there is an ambulance or a firetruck behind me, by law I need to pull over to let them pass.  But, say I am in a hurry.  According to Jim, that is okay because it benefits me.  It doesn’t matter that I am putting someone’s life in danger and breaking the law because it benefits me.

A person uses illegal drugs.  If that person is caught buying and possessing the drugs, the police should not be able to place charges against that person, after all he or she was benefited by the drugs.

A man and his wife are about to get divorced and the man will get no money from the settlement.  If she dies prior to the divorce he will get a large sum of money.  According to Jim, this man can commit murder because it benefits the man to kill his wife.

According to Jim, a pervert who will get satisfaction from raping a five year old girl has not committed a crime because it benefited the man.

Now after reading those examples, something should tell you either by morals or by a knowledge of the law that those examples do not make much sense.  Any reasonable person would say that doing those things are WRONG.  Even Jim would most likely say that those other examples are wrong to do.

What I don’t understand is why does Jim feels that he is above the law.  According to his theory, one could argue that there should be no laws because every action benefits the person that does it. 

I have seen Boston police also do similar things.  One of them was in a hurry to get back to the station because it was raining and he was on a motorcycle.  He ran a red light after weaving between cars and around me as I crossed the street.  His sirens were not on at the time nor were they turned on after this.

I feel that society would be better off if people stopped concerning themselves with only their benefit.  People assume that because they are a decent member of society who participates in community service, they should get the benefit of the doubt or that certain crimes should not apply to them because they are an otherwise good person.  Even some criminals, that the majority of people would consider a criminal, think they are a good person except for the one law they broke.

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