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Looking for Help with a Project–Survery on the Meaning of Being an American

06 June 2008

As I have made clear in my blog before, I am going to Boston University.  Right now I am taking summer classes and am looking for a few people to volunteer to help me.

I am looking for several people of Portugese decent who have immigrated to America (not necessarily a citizen of the US right now) or are first generation Americans.  This is for my documentary class and I am doing the research as if I were making the documentary (even though I will not be).  I am asking for several people to take a few minutes to do a survery and email it to me at  If you are interested, I can either email you the survey or you can copy and paste it from below.  Thank you for anyone willing to help.

Name (first or first and last):
Would you be willing to be filmed:
What region of Portugal you are from:
What Portugese customs do you participate in:
What American customs do you participate in:
Do you consider yourself an American (regardless of if you are a citizen):
If so, what does being an American mean to you:
When did you come to American and with who:
Why did you come to America:
Are you an American citizen:
If so, since when:
If not, do you want to?  Why or why not:
Do you live in a Portugese community:
Do you go to any Portugese festivals in your area:
Would you be willing to let me contact you again with further questions:

As I said, I would appreciate help from anyone willing.  I will only use this information for my class and questions like age and where in Portugal you came from are only to give me a clearer understanding of any historical factors that may have played a role.  Thank you again.  My email is


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