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Palin: An Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

29 August 2008

96.9 WTKK in Boston has had callers all day arguing whether Palin was a good choice for McCain’s VP nominee.  I did some research on her past record.

If McCain was looking for a running mate who would have high conservative ideals to help draw in conservatives, Palin is a great choice.  She is a Republican but is not afraid to fight against corruption.  She has lowered taxes in Alaska and favored many Republican ideals including bans against same sex marriage, working for ethics laws, pro-life, and pro-gun.  This will help swing Republicans who were uncertain about McCain’s allegiance a bit more towards his side.

Palin went to the University of Idaho and got a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science.  I have heard a lot of people make comments about this making her unqualified.  Personally, I am not big on Master’s Degrees.  I have sat in on some classes for some of the Boston University Master’s Degrees and felt that not only could the work be done by an undergrad, but unless you are going in to be a doctor or possibly a lawyer you could learn as much if not more from real life experience and by keeping up on the literature of the topic.  But the fact that she didn’t have a masters wasn’t the only thing they picked on.  It was what her bachelor’s degree was in–Journalism.  Although my major is film, I have taken several journalism classes and believe that a Journalism degree is actually an advantage.  First there are many nuances of news reporting that politics relate to.  Second of all many communications related classes have a section that focus on politics because the two are so closely interrelated.  Since Palin also has a minor in Political Science, I feel that she has a pretty good understanding of politics from a theoretical stand point.  I do not think her education really works against her.

Experience is another concern people have about Palin.  Although she doesn’t have US Senate experience, she has held an elected office for more time than Barack Obama.  Also others who have run for president including Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney had the majority of their experience as governor not a US Senator.  Besides this, Palin has proved to be a quick learner in her past positions and I am sure would be able to do the same in the VP position.

Her family has come up and has mainly been seen as an advantage.  She grew up with humble beginnings as the daughter of a teacher and a school secretary.  Even now she has similar links, her husband is a union worker and has worked in the Alaskan fishing industry.  This helps create a link between her and the common person.  The concern that I do see with her family is that she has five children.  One of them is my age (19), and most of them are in their teens but her youngest one is 4 months old.  The child has Down Syndrome, which although it supports her pro-life stance, could be seen as a distraction if something were to happen to McCain and she became President.  This may not be a problem if Palin’s husband is the primary care giver of the children, but at this point it seems unclear.

Now to me one of the big issues is if she is pro-gun or anti-gun.  From some research I found that not only is Palin pro-gun, she has a life time membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA).  I think this is important because it shows that she supports what I believe to be one of the most important and controversial amendments of the Constitution and likely supports the entire document.

Another issue is her patriotism.  I personally have no doubt about her patriotism.  Not only did she applaud McCain’s service record, she has a son who is being deployed on September 11th and is in the United States Army.  In addition to this, she is the head of the Alaskan National Guard.  Palin has also taken trips to Iraq to meet with the troops and build moral.

Although she has some flaws, Palin seems to have many strengths that make her both electable and a decent VP candidate (although not perfect — and no one is).  Palin is patriotic, knows the struggles of the common man, holds conservative ideals, and has political experience.


Election 2008: An Election for the History Books & A Mockery of the US Political System

29 August 2008

This election year is proving to be one for the history book.  Senator Barack Obama is the first African American male to be the Presidential nominee for a US political party and has a chance to be the first African American President of the United States.  Governor Sarah Palin has the chance to be the first woman Vice President of the United States (and also the first woman President of the United States if McCain is elected and something, God forbid, happens to him).

Despite what will be a historic event no matter which party wins, the media and the people are putting too much store in this.  Although not all voters do this, many people are excited by the idea that they can help make history and are basing their vote on that instead of a candidate’s qualifications.  Hopefully with both parties now have a chance at history this will not be an issue, but I fear that it will be.

The media, and the candidates should not pay attention to the race, sex, or any other unique factor about a candidate’s personal life but instead what Americans NEED to hear about, the policies.  Having the first African American President or female Vice President would be great progress for the United States but not at the expense of putting a person into power who does not have the skills or qualifications to do the job.

I have heard people make the claim that if you are against Obama you are racist and that Senator John McCain is running ads against Obama because he is racist.  Both of these ideas seem absurd to me.  Political elections always have ads about the other candidate, not to discriminate but to try to increase poll numbers and give facts to the public.  I heard a similar claim was made about Senator Hillary Clinton, if you didn’t vote for her you were sexist. 

Disagreeing with a politician’s views should not earn people derogatory titles such as “racist” or “sexist.”  Everyone needs to get over the history of this election and look at issues.  I honestly believe that although the majority of people are probably doing that, the most obvious people, the media and politicians, are not and are instead promoting records that go against the ideals of what the United States political system was suppose to be.

AOL lists 11 Ways to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life

14 February 2008

I would like to start by noting that the list of ways to extend your cell phone battery life is not my original ideas, but come from this article.  But all ideas and opinions following each item are in fact my own opinion.

1.) Turn your cell phone off
Personally, this is impractical.  If you need your phone for work and you do not use it with your family, you can shut it off after work, no problem.  For the average college kid, you can’t shut your cell phone off.  Although it saves battery life, if an emergency occurs many schools including mine contact you via phone call or text message.  Since most people’s only phone is their cell phone, that is how they would be contacted at any time of the day if there is an emergency.  You also have to stay connected to your family which shouldn’t be much of a problem if you call them, but if they call you because of a death and your phone isn’t on, that could be a problem.  Also, many college students use their phone as a planner and alarm clock making it impractical to shut their phone off EVER.

2.) Avoid playing games, watching video or scrolling through pictures
I thought this was obvious.  Your phone is not a video game console or camera.  And for watching videos (and in many case pictures) why do you want to look at a small screen on which the details are microscopic or non-existent?  I can understand using the phone for texting (which I am sure must drain battery life) but it is one of the features that is phone specific.

3.) Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth
I didn’t know this was an option but it makes sense that it will reduce your battery power.  But especially a feature like Bluetooth that allows wireless handsets, can’t always be shut off.  It makes driving safer or is they only way you can even use your cell phone while driving in states like New York and Connecticut.

4.) Turn off vibrate
I never thought about this, but to make a phone vibrate as long as it does, it would drain battery life.  I personally wouldn’t do this because it relates back to college’s emergency alert systems.  If something is going to happen on campus, it will most likely be during class.  If you don’t know that you got a text that an emergency happened in the school and you are not to leave the room, there was no point sending you that text because you might as well have never received it.

5.) Avoid flash photography
Once again a phone is not a camera.  If you want to take quality pictures use a camera with a flash and zoom and other great features.

6.) Turn down screen brightness
I didn’t know you could do this.  It is actually a useful feature.  According to the article it will make it easier to see my screen outside so this is a very beneficial tip.

7.) Download your emails manually
A phone is not a computer.  Your emails should be able to wait until you are at a computer.  If they can’t, maybe people should be calling you with the emergency, not emailing.  And also, why do you need your phone to check your email like every 20 seconds?

8.) Charge your battery properly
This is important.  All phones come with instructions on how to charge your battery.  It is a good idea to follow them but some batteries lose about 20% of it’s battery life every year just from use so eventually, you are going to have to either buy a new battery or a new phone.

9.) Watch exposure to extreme temperatures
So I shouldn’t drop my battery or phone into a volcano?  I’m sorry that’s all it made me think.  Apparently if you want use your battery for a long time it is better to leave it in the fridge as long as you warm it to room temperature before using.  You also shouldn’t drop it in boiling water, set it on an oven or make it extremely hot in any other way.  They actually said you may not want to carry your cell phone in extreme hot weather which is something to consider (and hey college kids, you really don’t need your phone much over the summer).

10.) Clean your battery contacts
This makes sense.  All batteries corrode, cleaning them makes the world good.

11.) Don’t search for a signal in bad reception areas
Although a good idea not always possible.  If you are on a trip (i.e. a business trip) you may need your phone.  Or if you live in a bad reception area and you use your cell phone as your primary phone you may need your phone.

In a lot of ways I feel these tips are only helpful to certain people.  It all depends on your situation and how you use your phone.

An Apology to On That Point

October 30 , 2007

I would like to apologize for an earlier post I made.  In my post about Hilary Clinton not being the first woman to run for president, I realized I may have offended some people on On That Point.  I would like to say I am sorry.

I realize that I worded the end of the post poorly.  I now know that the comment did in fact leave out the words I had mentioned in that post, that Clinton is the first major female candidate.

I would also like to state that I hope my blog does not offend anyone, as that is not my intention.  I use my blog to express my opinion on any information that I find relevant.  I would like to apologize now for any poor wording and hard feelings I may create due to my blog.

Hillary Clinton is NOT the First Woman to Run for President

October 12, 2007 

Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to run for president.  Hopefully to many people this is no surprise.

I work on a TV Show called On That Point for BUTV.  One of the panelist at our first filming session shocked me.  She said that it was the first time a woman has ever run for president.  I remember 8 years ago Elizabeth Dole ran for president and only 4 years ago Carol Braun.

I did a little research and I found out something even more surprising.  Women have been running for president since the 1872 election.  That is no typo.  Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for president in 1872.  Hillary Clinton is the 12th different woman to run for president and 2008 is the 15th time a woman has run.

I love the people I work with on BUTV but if you are going to debate factual news I think you should at least get your facts straight.  Although Hillary Clinton is undeniably the most supported female candidate in the at least last 12 years, she is NOT the first woman to run for president.

My research came for Rutgers University website:

College Ignorance

Originally posted Septermber 12, 2007.

Technically Boston University is the second college I have attended.  On campus, the amount of ignorance is amazing.  I’ll admit the world can be rather depressing.  There is not much you can really do about that.  Even still college students are NOT informed.  Yes the people that will soon be taking charge of the world are not informed, nor do they try to be.

I am on a communications floor of a primarily freshman dorm.  Being a communications floor means all of the students are majoring in journalism, film, TV, broadcasting, radio, or advertising.  Despite this, when I walk into a dorm room the TV isn’t turned on to watch news but instead a soap opera or to play video games like Guitar Hero.  The newspapers that are only just beginning to come into rooms are not because the students want information but because they need them for class.  The people that will soon be delivering news to the world don’t even care about the news now.  That is encouraging.

I also attended UMass Dartmouth.  In the political science class I took I learned something else.  I was 16 at the time and I could not vote.  Yet I was more informed and politically active than the 50 other students sitting in that room with me.  When it came to discussions, three of us talked.  When it came to the group debates, I could prove points better than the people who had researched the topics and I didn’t even have any prior preparation.

As most people realize, when you turn 18 in the US you can vote.  That is a huge responsibility.  When I turned 18 that was the first thing I did as a legal adult.  I have many friends that turned 18 before me and to this day have not even registered to vote!  The new adults of society are under informed and apathetic to the politics and current events of their country and world.

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Is technology encouraging people to separate themselves from rest of the world?

Originally posted September 12, 2007

When you look around just about everywhere in Boston has signs for iPods.  Every single sign features a person alone dancing with bright attractive colors and an iPod.  Although advertising this way is smart because it attracts a person’s eyes and the iPod stands out, it brings up a better question:  Is technology encouraging people to separate themselves from rest of the world?

Overall I would say yes.  Walking down the hall of the average college building you see people either on their cell phones or with ear buds from their iPods or other MP3 players in their ears.  At LEAST half the people you see walking around are using one of these devices.  Everybody is so self absorbed that people don’t talk to each other.   iPods and other MP3 players are like a wall blocking out the rest of the world.  The music blocks out any distractions or things in the rest of the world that you just don’t want to deal with.  But at the same time the wire and ear buds builds a wall to the rest of the world.  People won’t interupt you while you are listening to music, just like they won’t interupt your phone conversation.  Others do not want to be rude and assume that people want to be left alone.  In essence the music you are listening to is allow you to “rock out” but you are by yourself.  One would think that an iPod or MP3 player was to attract to people because it’s a status symbol but in fact it is putting up an invisible barrier.

When the BlackBerry network went down earlier this year, people were upset by their lack of information.  People kept checking their BlackBerrys to see if they could get information.  People commented that they were still checking their BlackBerrys every few minutes even though they knew their was no network to connect to.  Checking a BlackBerry every few minutes helps people avoid uncomfortable conversation while it also gives them a status symbol.  People are conciously using technology to avoid personal conversation yet the rest of the world thinks that these people are so great!

 20 years ago people would walk down the road to their friend’s house to make plans.  Now with the internet, a cell phone, and text messaging you don’t have to see a person to make plans or talk.  All you have to do is send a message.  As these new mediums become more popular, people have begun using texting, voice mail, and e-mails to end their relationships.  Relationships represent closeness and good communication yet people are avoiding talking to a person that they once had close bonds with.

You could argue that web cams are allowing you to talk to people and see them.  This is true and a great idea when you are across the country from friends and family.  But when you live a quarter mile down the road or worse in the same building, you are just keeping yourself separated from the rest of the world.

Everyone is guilty of using technology at one time or another to push people away, even if they do not do it intentionally.  People use technology in their everyday life.  Although technology has its advantages, overuse or abuse will cause people to live separated lives from the rest of the world.  Interpersonal communication has become more rare as people become more involved in their technology.  If people do not try to keep a personal connection, the world will soon be filled with technology bubbles that keep people in their own disconnected world.

This is a repost of my post.