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Palin: An Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

29 August 2008

96.9 WTKK in Boston has had callers all day arguing whether Palin was a good choice for McCain’s VP nominee.  I did some research on her past record.

If McCain was looking for a running mate who would have high conservative ideals to help draw in conservatives, Palin is a great choice.  She is a Republican but is not afraid to fight against corruption.  She has lowered taxes in Alaska and favored many Republican ideals including bans against same sex marriage, working for ethics laws, pro-life, and pro-gun.  This will help swing Republicans who were uncertain about McCain’s allegiance a bit more towards his side.

Palin went to the University of Idaho and got a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in political science.  I have heard a lot of people make comments about this making her unqualified.  Personally, I am not big on Master’s Degrees.  I have sat in on some classes for some of the Boston University Master’s Degrees and felt that not only could the work be done by an undergrad, but unless you are going in to be a doctor or possibly a lawyer you could learn as much if not more from real life experience and by keeping up on the literature of the topic.  But the fact that she didn’t have a masters wasn’t the only thing they picked on.  It was what her bachelor’s degree was in–Journalism.  Although my major is film, I have taken several journalism classes and believe that a Journalism degree is actually an advantage.  First there are many nuances of news reporting that politics relate to.  Second of all many communications related classes have a section that focus on politics because the two are so closely interrelated.  Since Palin also has a minor in Political Science, I feel that she has a pretty good understanding of politics from a theoretical stand point.  I do not think her education really works against her.

Experience is another concern people have about Palin.  Although she doesn’t have US Senate experience, she has held an elected office for more time than Barack Obama.  Also others who have run for president including Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney had the majority of their experience as governor not a US Senator.  Besides this, Palin has proved to be a quick learner in her past positions and I am sure would be able to do the same in the VP position.

Her family has come up and has mainly been seen as an advantage.  She grew up with humble beginnings as the daughter of a teacher and a school secretary.  Even now she has similar links, her husband is a union worker and has worked in the Alaskan fishing industry.  This helps create a link between her and the common person.  The concern that I do see with her family is that she has five children.  One of them is my age (19), and most of them are in their teens but her youngest one is 4 months old.  The child has Down Syndrome, which although it supports her pro-life stance, could be seen as a distraction if something were to happen to McCain and she became President.  This may not be a problem if Palin’s husband is the primary care giver of the children, but at this point it seems unclear.

Now to me one of the big issues is if she is pro-gun or anti-gun.  From some research I found that not only is Palin pro-gun, she has a life time membership to the National Rifle Association (NRA).  I think this is important because it shows that she supports what I believe to be one of the most important and controversial amendments of the Constitution and likely supports the entire document.

Another issue is her patriotism.  I personally have no doubt about her patriotism.  Not only did she applaud McCain’s service record, she has a son who is being deployed on September 11th and is in the United States Army.  In addition to this, she is the head of the Alaskan National Guard.  Palin has also taken trips to Iraq to meet with the troops and build moral.

Although she has some flaws, Palin seems to have many strengths that make her both electable and a decent VP candidate (although not perfect — and no one is).  Palin is patriotic, knows the struggles of the common man, holds conservative ideals, and has political experience.


Virgin Galactic:Tourist Space Trips

24 January 2008

To the billionaire who took a gamble on commercial space tourism it looks like it will pay off, considering he already has a list of over 200 passengers who want to go on the 2 1/2 hour space trip.

Of course the price isn’t cheap.  It will be approximately $200,000 a person to go.  The model for SpaceShipTwo was unveiled recently, moving the plan one step closer to go.

Now I’m not an astronaut, something most people in this world can say, but I thought astronauts went through intensive physical training to be order to handle the change of forces of leaving this atmosphere and the changes in pressure.  After all astronauts who are not in perfect shape cannot go to space.  Now the average person is not nearly as physically fit as an astronaut but we are going to shoot them into space?

I see a major health risk.  Unless this trip will be so gradual that they barely notice altitude change (something that thus far is impossible even in a plane) I am worried a lot of people will die or suffer major health complications because of the trip.  Of course 58 year old real estate executive Ken Baxter, has already completed extensive pre-flight training, which means maybe the company has thought about the high risk level.

Also, it seems scheduling the trip must be somewhat difficult since most pre-existing spaceships cannot take off or land while there is any type of bad weather, be it a bad storm, clouds or wind.  I don’t know how this will work with tourism but if the new ship follows old spaceship standards, this could be a problem, especially if there is an emergency on board.

It’s unbelievable and exciting that humans, even those with minimal training.  As exciting as I think it would be to go on it if I had the money, I don’t think I would due to all the risks.  Maybe once they are either addressed or tested a few times I would be okay with  it.

Gun Show Feb 9th and 10th Bennington VT Armory

15 January 2008 

On February 9th and 10th GMP Shows will be having a gun show at the Bennington Vermont National Guard Armory.  I personally am excited and can’t wait to go.  The times are 9-5 on Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday with a $6.00 admission.  I know coupons will also be around at different stores and in newspapers for the gun-show.

Last show a gun worth more than $10,000 was sold.  That shows what type of rare collector’s pieces the show had.  There were also many other more affordable guns.  Dealers may still be able to order tables.

For more information, dealer or patron, check out

$2.9 Billion Bond Project, Slow Down Gov. Deval Patrick

November 30, 2007

So Deval Patrick has this great $2.9 billion dollar plan to spend money to fix road to fix the MBTA to improve airports.  At least the funding isn’t going to come from taxes.  It’s coming from the casinos that will be getting built.

Now it doesn’t say when exactly these projects are going to start but has anybody seen a flaw yet?  I’m not even sure we know where the casino is being built just that it will be in south eastern Massachusetts.  So say the casino starts getting built tomorrow.  It will most likely take at least a year to build.

I want to know why the immediate concern is fixing the T and the commuter rail lines in Boston with money that we don’t know what date we will start getting or even that we will get $2.9 billion right away to do these projects.

That and is the MBTA, which already has debt problems, the biggest problem that Massachusetts has?  I don’t think so.  I’d rather have the state put casino money into more local police, firefighters and teachers.  These 3 groups of public workers, especially teachers, are underpaid.  The raises that teachers of many school districts get do not even cover the increase of cost of living.  Wouldn’t funding our schools be better, so children get a good education?

Massachusetts shouldn’t be spending $2.9 billion dollars on a projected income that won’t start coming in for at least a year.  Deval Patrick has some high hopes and great project ideas but he should not plan to spend $2.9 billion that he doesn’t have.  I’ll admit some of the project ideas are great but we have much more important things that need fixing or money than a train system which can’t even collect its fees.

An Apology to On That Point

October 30 , 2007

I would like to apologize for an earlier post I made.  In my post about Hilary Clinton not being the first woman to run for president, I realized I may have offended some people on On That Point.  I would like to say I am sorry.

I realize that I worded the end of the post poorly.  I now know that the comment did in fact leave out the words I had mentioned in that post, that Clinton is the first major female candidate.

I would also like to state that I hope my blog does not offend anyone, as that is not my intention.  I use my blog to express my opinion on any information that I find relevant.  I would like to apologize now for any poor wording and hard feelings I may create due to my blog.