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Sarah Palin is NOT the first woman to be a Vice Presidential Nominee

29 August 2008

With John McCain’s recent decision to have Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee brings up the question, is she the first woman to be on a ballot for vice president?

The answer is no.  Women have been running for vice president since the 1800s.

Marietta Lizzie Bell Stow, of the Equal Rights Party, ran as the running mate of Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood in 1884.

Although there has not been a female vice presidential candidate in a major party for more than 20 years, there have been several in the smaller parties.

To find more information on female vice presidential candidates you can visit this site.  It gives the year, party, country, and in many case some background information on former female candidates.


Hillary Clinton is NOT the First Woman to Run for President

October 12, 2007 

Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to run for president.  Hopefully to many people this is no surprise.

I work on a TV Show called On That Point for BUTV.  One of the panelist at our first filming session shocked me.  She said that it was the first time a woman has ever run for president.  I remember 8 years ago Elizabeth Dole ran for president and only 4 years ago Carol Braun.

I did a little research and I found out something even more surprising.  Women have been running for president since the 1872 election.  That is no typo.  Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for president in 1872.  Hillary Clinton is the 12th different woman to run for president and 2008 is the 15th time a woman has run.

I love the people I work with on BUTV but if you are going to debate factual news I think you should at least get your facts straight.  Although Hillary Clinton is undeniably the most supported female candidate in the at least last 12 years, she is NOT the first woman to run for president.

My research came for Rutgers University website: