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Election 2008: An Election for the History Books & A Mockery of the US Political System

29 August 2008

This election year is proving to be one for the history book.  Senator Barack Obama is the first African American male to be the Presidential nominee for a US political party and has a chance to be the first African American President of the United States.  Governor Sarah Palin has the chance to be the first woman Vice President of the United States (and also the first woman President of the United States if McCain is elected and something, God forbid, happens to him).

Despite what will be a historic event no matter which party wins, the media and the people are putting too much store in this.  Although not all voters do this, many people are excited by the idea that they can help make history and are basing their vote on that instead of a candidate’s qualifications.  Hopefully with both parties now have a chance at history this will not be an issue, but I fear that it will be.

The media, and the candidates should not pay attention to the race, sex, or any other unique factor about a candidate’s personal life but instead what Americans NEED to hear about, the policies.  Having the first African American President or female Vice President would be great progress for the United States but not at the expense of putting a person into power who does not have the skills or qualifications to do the job.

I have heard people make the claim that if you are against Obama you are racist and that Senator John McCain is running ads against Obama because he is racist.  Both of these ideas seem absurd to me.  Political elections always have ads about the other candidate, not to discriminate but to try to increase poll numbers and give facts to the public.  I heard a similar claim was made about Senator Hillary Clinton, if you didn’t vote for her you were sexist. 

Disagreeing with a politician’s views should not earn people derogatory titles such as “racist” or “sexist.”  Everyone needs to get over the history of this election and look at issues.  I honestly believe that although the majority of people are probably doing that, the most obvious people, the media and politicians, are not and are instead promoting records that go against the ideals of what the United States political system was suppose to be.


Is Anyone Really Surprised that the CIA used Waterboarding?

06 February 2008

I know people will be in an uproar now that CIA Director Michael Hayden has admitted that the CIA has used waterboarding on 3 suspects since September 11th.  For those of you who do not know, waterboarding is a technique that many people consider torture that creates the sensation of drowning.

In my high school US history class I learned a little bit about the CIA and their involvement in world affairs.  They were often involved in the destruction of governments the US did not like and the assassinations of political officials.

Knowing this, I am not surprised the CIA used waterboarding to get information from suspected terrorists under the pretense of homeland security.  In my mind, this may be one of the most valid reasons the CIA has had for their actions.

Yes, the CIA used waterboarding on suspected terrorist.  The CIA says that their reason was to gather information on al-Qaida and to prevent an attack hitting US soil.  In short they used a method (which is currently NOT considered torture by the US Attorney General) to gather information for the protection of US citizens.

I am not surprised they did this.  This is better than them killing or supporting groups that are overthrowing governments that they do not like because they are not democracy.  For once the CIA’s actions are completely justifiable, the protection of Americans, of YOU and ME.

If you want more information on the CIA and waterboarding it can be found here.